I was born in 1983. I grew up in Sebedražie, Slovakia.

At 17, I started designing and drawing primarily for the independent music community; mostly posters and album art. Around this time I grew interest in comics. Later I started experimenting with abstract forms mainly in black and white using inks & pens.

Today I focus on making art and working full-time in marketing. I’m based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Artist statement:

From an early age, I sensitively perceived different forms of interpersonal communication. Differences in interpretations of what an individual feels, what thinks, what says and how ultimately acts. In my work I deal with various topics, but they are mostly very closely related to the human behavior of the individual or the whole society.

My artistic language is an abstract black and white pen drawing on paper, formed by a line and solid areas with various details. From a technical point of view, for me, this expressive element represents the complexity of human existence and the functioning of everything around us. As well as living, the process of creation itself requires a great deal of patience, time and determination. I do not use sketches in the initial stages and I take every mistake into account as part of the process.

As a starting point for creation, the process of creation itself (spontaneity) and, to a certain extent, experiment are important to me. The whole process has a meditative character, or even elements of automatic drawing. In this meditative state, I work with inner perception, revealing my own intimacy. Gradually, more and more elements are involved in the process, drawing on my own analysis of the behavior of an individual or group through the tools of moral principles, psychology, philosophy, history, religion, but also the culture of my generation. Mainstream culture is as close to me as underground culture. Some aspects may resonate visually, others may be used in the title of a piece as a guide to the topic I am referring to.

In the creative process, as in real life, the aspect of decision-making and responsibility for the consequences is important to me – whatever they may be.

Exhibition history:

2021 — Kunstmatrix – “ATTENTION AND DISTRACTION” virtual solo show

2020 – TVOR.BA festival – “Výtvarné spektrum” virtual group show
Bratislava, Slovakia

2020 – Hornozemplín Education Center – “Výtvarné spektrum” group show
Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia

2020 – Zichy Palace – “Výtvarné spektrum” group show
Bratislava, Slovakia

2020 – Dubnica Manor house – “Výtvarné spektrum” group show
Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia


2020 – Výtvarné spektrum competition – 1st place – Trenčín, Slovakia
National round (drawing and graphics category)

2020 – Výtvarné spektrum competition – 1st place – Bratislava, Slovakia
Regional round (drawing and graphics category)


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